Here is a list of just some of the books and documents used by our researchers.

Britain and Ireland
A Constitutional History of Modern
England Age of Conquest – Wales
Agrarian History of England and Wales A Heraldic Alphabet
An Ordinary of Arms – Scotland Assize Rolls
Bede’s Histories Benet’s Readers Encyclopaedia
Book of Kells Book of Ulster Surnames
Brights of Suffolk Burkes Commoners, Landed Gentry, Peerage
and others
Cabinet of Irish Literature I-III Catholic Directory of Scotland
Calendarium Inquisitionum Post Mortem Clans Septs and Regiments of the Scottish
Court Records Crozier’s General Armoury
Curia Regis Roll Dictionary of Irish History
Doomsday Book Elvin’s Mottoes Revised
English Historical Facts 1603-1688 European Society 1500-1700
Falaise Roll Family Names of County Cork
Fox-Davies various works General Armoury, Burke’s
Highland Clans, Moncrieffe & Hicks Highland Clearances
History of Congleton History of England vols I-VII
History of Scotland, Browne vols I-VIII Hundred Rolls
In Search of Your British and Irish
Roots Inquisto Favidus
International Who’s Who Ireland and her People
Irish Families, MacLysaght Irish Pedigrees I&II
Kennedy’s Book of Arms Key to Parochial Registers of Scotland
Knights of England MacLysaght – The Surnames of Ireland
Manorial Rolls More Irish Names
National Biography Norton Encyclopedia of Music
Oxford Companion to Sports and Games,
John Arlott Papworth’s Ordinary of British Armorials
Pipe Rolls Regesia Regum Scottorum
Roll of the Battel Abbey Scotch-Irish I&II
Scots Heraldry, Innes Scots Kith and Kin
Scottish Clan and Family Names Scottish Family Histories
Surname dictionaries by Bardsley,
Reaney, Lower, Black and Hanks and Hodges Tartans of the Clans and Families
of Scotland
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle The Celts
The High Kings The Pictish Chronicle
The Wace Poem Various Family Genealogies
Various Passenger Lists Welsh Surnames, Morgan